my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-15 20:40:10 (UTC)

The Bug eeeeewhh gross

last night was so shitty. i was just sitting around doing
nothing wanting to kill my self and my friends just walked
in my door. it was great they made my night so much better
i think i just needed somone to talk to. maria decided to
come up with alicia and laura and pick me up after there
christmas party. i blasted ozzy on the way to her house
and it made me laugh and feel better. man i miss the days
of listing to ozzy and driving around with out the
headlights on a 3:00 in the morning. me and maria got up
this morning and felt like shit well i did untill i ate
something and maria well she was sick all day. she was
suposed to go to work but she called in. we went to on-
call around 2 and she puked and it was gross but hey it is
ok. as long as i dont get it. haha yeah right im always
with her of corse im going to get it. so the just told her
that she had a 24 hr bug and she should be better in a few
days. i hope she isnt sick for christmas. that would just
suck. ok today is the day! i am going to make my cookies.
i think i hope. i really need to get them done i got so
much other shit to do it is insain!!! ahhhhh. my mom is
going to kick my ass the house is so dirty and i havent
cleaned it sence thanxgiving. oh well it will get done.
right? yeah just what i say about everything else. i am a
lazy piece of shit. all i ever do i sleep, eat and sleep
some more.ok well im going to get in the shower and to
start my cookies.....
Listing to:Blink 182(take off your pants and jacket)


May 21 - June 20
A commitment you made will be misunderstood by someone who naturally
thinks things should work out in their favor. Delay any battles or
decisions concerning individual advancement or romantic chaos.
damn this is fucked up why is my horoscope always right? it scares
me sometimes. i am so proud of my self i finnished my art project 2
days early and i fixed my government project to hand in tomarrow.
wow i might acually graduate if i keep this shit up. haha. i started
to make my cookies but yeah my plan ruined once again we have no
milk and my mom is down at the barn so i gotts wate untill she gets
home to make them. i really wanted to get them done whaile her and
asshole were gone but i guess not. now i gotta deal with them being
in the kitchen. fucking people!!! now i am sitting her eating
doritos and srinking iced tea think of the next productive thing i
should do will be. i can not wate untill christmas i have no clue
what i am getting from any one. so excited. ahhhhh i still have to
go back out this week and finish for my mom and that is about it. i
thought i was done but i guess not. and i hope i remaber to go out
and get die for the tie die t-shirt thing for the carnival. i porlly
wont but oh well they should have known better than to ask me to do
it. b/c im an air head. hahaha
Liting to:Ani(used to you)

it is official i have half of my cookies done! it only took me three
hours but hey it is only 3 hrs right i have nothing better to do so.
yeah and apparently ass hole has been yelling shit at people again.
jay said that he was calling for koda and mark started saying shit
to him. why dose this guy have to be a faggit? oh it couldent be
that fact that he is an alcoholic could it? but you just gotta laugh
it off. one day he will get what is coming to him. i hope! this week
is going to be so stressfull. i have so much stuff due at the end of
the week and i havent even started any of it.shitty. i get presents
this weeek!!!!!! this is someethigh to look forward to. bbl
Liting to: acually watching malcom in the middle

i am so pissed. casey has my board and i am never going to get it
back now.i am going to kick his ass. PUNK!!!! i dont want to go to
school tomarrow. it is suposed to snow so mabey we will have a snow
day. then mabey i will get something done. yeah right. i want to go
to the city so bad. i was down there over the summer and i had so
much fun. i can wate untill my sis moves down there. it will be the
best day of my life. i would love to live there. ok well i need to
go to bed b/c i need sleep and i never get any so.. later im out!
Lising to:bad religon

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