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2001-08-30 11:17:56 (UTC)

Entry #6 (We All Sound Alike)

I can't belive all the story's on here that sound so
alike. Are We all in need of counciling?LOL, I love ya all!
At least I'm not the only one.Thats fer sure!LOL I just got
done reading one wherethis Gal is getting over a
relationship with an ex, And now she is semi seeing a guy
from church and she's not liking it, She thinks the pracers
son won't work. Funny, Cuz mine is the same deal, Just
differnt gender.....LOL. What also funny everyone on this
dairy is all kinds of differnt ages!Anyway, I found this
interesting. Or I'm just blowing smoke and need to go to
bed! It's 4:15am For crying out in the dark!Geeze.(whit)

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