Queen Bee

2002-12-15 19:38:55 (UTC)

Promiscous lifestyles

I was reading this girls diary and she was talking about
all these guys that she sleeps with, guys she's known for a
while and guys that she just met, one of which was one of
her guy friends and then in her last journal entry she
started talking about how people judge her because shes
like that and how they dont know her and that maybe she
wants a relationship and not just some dick all the time
and im not judging and im pretty sure she isnt gonna read
this but honey if thats what you really want, then go out
and get it find a nice guy and tell him that you want a
relationship and not just some dick and if he has a problem
with that then he doesnt deserve you and then you dump his
ass and keep on looking until you find that guy and if
thats not what you want then dont lie and bull shit people
so that they'll leave you alone just say its my life and i
want to do this so leave me alone. I also want to say that
you dont like people judging you so dont judge other
people, you sit there and talk about this girl whos a
virgin and assume that she wants to have sex and you judge
her for being a virgin and then you judge your counselor
saying that the only reason she picks on you is because she
cant get sex of her own, she might get more dick than a 50
cent whore, you dont know that, but it might just be with
someone she loves. Know im not a virgin and so im not
preachin to you about waiting for the right person cuz it
dont always work out that way but i wan lucky enough to
lose mine to a guy i love and i get sex on a regular basis
and im am very happy with it, so im not sayin not to have
sex its your life do want you want, hell i dont even know
you but it hurt me to hear you say that maybe you really do
want a relationship, hun, if thats what you want, then go
get it.

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