80% Illusion
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2002-12-15 19:26:12 (UTC)

You ll never be the same. I..

You'll never be the same.

I walk along the dark road and see nothing but the faint
glimmer of the past.

No one will ever know.

The only company you'll ever know is the sound of your
heart beating in your chest.

You are stuck and there is no hope.

You trip and fall, you trip and fall...

Stars shine on but you see no light.


The silence invades. The silence invades.

The tear slides down your skin.

You're grasping for something. You are looking for
something solid.


Eternal peace. Is that what you want?

Nothing is enough.

Safety is non-existent.

It's so cold.

Empty void, deep within yourself.

I can't control it. I can't control it.

Your heart can't beat anymore.

I can't hear it. I can't hear it.

Your heart is just glass. Just glass.

I'm lost.

You're shattered.


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