2002-12-15 18:30:16 (UTC)

From life to dreams

Okay well yesterday was fun I saw Sarah. At the end of the
whole Sarah visit I just wanted to hold her for ever.
Everything about her makes me smile even when she makes
that noise when she wines. :) I keep thinking of yesterday
sorry. Well then after being with Sarah I went to Trevors
house and I was tired from tickling Sarah and her pushing
me off the couch plus he fact she wasn't there so I was
like well if I can see her I will fall asleep and dream
about her. I was asleep before 11:30 which isn't normal for
me. All I know was I kept yelling what the hell every
20mins when Trev was watching Tv. Have you ever woke up
with a ferrite in your pant leg? I did this morning Trevors
Ferrite Nip was sleeping in my pants and I felt his cold
nose I thought it was he other ferrite getting ready to
bite me. I was like holy shit heart attack. Well now I have
to go to CVS and think of Sarah all day yay I miss her be
on belief.