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2002-12-15 17:45:47 (UTC)


Last year was one of the worst years in my life! I had
hardly any friends, i had lost my best friend, i had lost 3
of my books, and i thought that EVERY guy that I
liked,liked me too...yeah right!
But then I thought I had a new best friend.I thought I
could pay for those books. and I thought they would die for
me cuz i had a nice chest... ends up:
my new best friend HATED ME...and me pay for 3 books????
PLEASSE!! and,i dont think those guys even noticed that i
WAS alive!!!!nor did they care...
but what did i do?? i prayed...i prayed for a friend, i
prayed to find those books,and i prayed that God would lead
me to the right path.
things started getting better,now im in the 8th grade, and
it is a pretty good year..
that girl that hated me, were best friends, and i got more
friends.i keep a lock on my locker.and the guys...well i
still have a crush on 3 people, but now i know that i CAN
live with out them...and i also have much better grades.
you know the phrase better brains than beauty? that is a
true phrase for me...but i am still not super
model, or julia roberts pretty or nothin like that. but
andi've noticed that if we all try, just atleast try, we
can manage to find a comfy cushion in the living room of
life,i did.

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