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2002-12-15 17:04:12 (UTC)

well who would have guessed it,..

well who would have guessed it, after being single for 9
months it seems as though i am no longer single, kind of a
nice change, i know that she is still a lill skiddish of a
long distance relation ship because of what her ex did but
i guess i am just gonna have to prove to her i wont do her
like that. She is a really sweet and beautiful girl i cant
imagen what her ex was thinking to let her go liek that.
but then again not all of us guys are that bright. She is
supose to be down in a couple of weeks or so atleast by
christmas and she has been talking about this jacket that
she has really been wanting so i am goona get her that for
christmas. plus maybe something else, but hey i gotta run
for now cause i gotta go pick up my lill bro from a
birthday party he is at............... to be continued

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