i'll tell you later

(catchy title to come later)
2001-08-30 08:59:28 (UTC)


i don't want to write in this diary - i don't want to
remove mself from human contact - i want to talk to
someone - i want to talk to someone who actually cares who
i know cares who cares enough to tell me she cares - i want
to hold this person and lay around and breath in rythum - i
want to rest my chin on her head - i want to be talkng
about something extreemly important and meaningfull with
her for hours on end - so long that i begin to feel her leg
muscles twitch as she falls asleep in my arms - i need to
find someone someone to talk to someone to listen to -
someone to reveal myself to and somene who will reveal
themselves to me - i want to find someone to hold at night
and someone to run their fingers through my hair - i want
to find someone who will cause me to get up on days i do
not have classes becasue i want to see her - i want to find
someone to talk to - maybe tonight - while i sleep - its my
only chance . . .

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