No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-15 15:43:25 (UTC)


hey! how are you guys? I am alright
I am even worse sick today
I didnt talk to Terry about that stuff last night. I am so
afraid I'll loose him and he'll think I don't trust him or
something. :/ Not cool. I know he likes me...but I don't
want to fuck this over. I dont want to get hurt, but more
importantly, I dont want him to get I know I have
to talk to him.....he knows I have to talk to him.....I
might see him again today.....
Yeah, my mom wasn't too happy that I let Trish in last
night. Oh freaking well. I don't care. She never liked me
anyways...she "loves" me cuz she has too. I'm not dumb...I
do get it.
*** throat really hurts bad. :( I hate doctors
though and I don't wanna hear my mom bitch about me I wont. I'll get over this eventually. *sigh*
Well, I'm gunna jet. Later.