16 years old and lost in life?
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2001-02-08 01:44:08 (UTC)

Amazing~ In my last entrie i..

Amazing~ In my last entrie i told you about Tony and how
they didnt know if he was going to be ok or not.... well
friday of last week the 2nd of February he took his first
two steps....Oh yea they decided to take him out of a coma
on saturday the 3rd he pulled him self up.. he loves bball
(basketball) hes already trying to throw it around and
doing a pretty good job.... hes eating on his own...... hes
doing all kinds of great things the kid is a miracle....and
all the HOPE that we had for him helped us out as its going
to be a long stressful recovery but we know that hes going
ot be ok.... My lil' sweete will be back on the court
before long kickin it and rippin it UP!!!! Good luck
Rufus!! And Get well soon every1 misses you onthe floor
especailly becuase you were the best