Life OF a MOnkey
2001-08-30 07:16:10 (UTC)

Another Worthless Day.. Another Day Goes by

well today was a pretty dull day i dont know what the fuck
is wrong with me. i need to get a life i do the same
routine every single day i think im going crazy! more then
i already am. anyways this week has been every hard on me i
was suppose to go see my friend (ernie) but my parents didnt allow
me so we got in a huge argument and shit.. i tried to so
hard not to blow up put i couldnt help it.. i guess my parents have
their reasons for not letting me go.. ernie was a great guy but not
what i was looking for.. ive never been in love and i couldnt give
him love.. so we broke up which wasnt that hard to do.. oh well i
guess you learn from that..