i just want someone to talk to
2002-12-15 11:52:29 (UTC)

talked to tammy to day

i talked to tammy today and you know how i
live in norway . Well shes letting me come back to texas.
i am her daughters best friend and shes to
depressed to talk to any one else i guess cause they will
think shes to wierd or something.
she used to have cancer in her liver when i
lived there south of houston a year and a half ago. now she
is bald and has to go around in a wheel chair, because she
has to have sergery on her hips.
if you are reading this pray for her. her
life might not last that long. i sing and i play guitar and
when i get famouse i am going to donate alot of money for
cancer studies.
hell, i could even name my kids after her.
i am not supposed to know about this, but they are going
to throw a surpris party for me, and invite justa couple of
my friends. lucas dwan and steven.
Steven was my ex boyfriend in texas and i
will be nervouse around him because hes been getting in
alot of trouble latly , smoking pott skipping school.
im sorry , but im not like that.