Jeff Roberts

The Understanding of Myself
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2002-12-15 05:38:30 (UTC)

1 word = Amazing

words can't describe how i feel right now
i wanna just shake gods hand (if he has a hand) and thank
him for a fuckin awesome night.
the night started off a little bleak...she was running a
tad bit late but it was ok it didnt matter at least she
showed up. So we went to see "The Hot Chick" which is a
very funny movie. after the previews i slip my arm around
her and i'm good. We kissed after about 85% of the movie
was done...amazing. i probably sucked. i wanted to kiss
her good night sooo fuckin bad but my mom was fuckin right
there (cause i'm a slacker with no liscense) and laurens
parents couldn't pick her up...but ill apologize for not
kissing her good night tomorrow.

I wish i could re-live this night


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