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life of a porn star
2002-12-15 05:05:18 (UTC)

hm its been realy weird..

hm its been realy weird lately...i havent seen brian since
monday when i got pissed after the exam. this is the
longest ive gone without seeing him. crazy. then tuesday
maggie was driving my car and we hit a lampost on the side
of the thruway and i think my car is totaled but we arent
sure yet. that has been depressing for some reason. i just
feel bad about it. then i got brians sn and he imed twice
on thursday and i talked to him last night. he isnt going
home during the break, he is staying with his brother on
linden so he can still work. so he is even closer now.:)
but im pretty sure he broke up with his gf...mabey its
wishful thinking. then today i went to visit greg at like
12:30 we watched porn and then we were laying on his bed.
basically we just layed there and made out without shirts
on. um yeah lol. it was weird though bc he acts like it
means so much so it feels like i should be having a moment
or something but afterwards he acts distant. i think he
was pissed bc i left w/ out getting him off lol.
so i came home for dinner and then steph came and got me
and we went to spot for coffee. on the way there we drove
by home depot and we saw brian pulling out of the parking
lot. so after we got coffee we went to applebees and we
met up with some guy that steph met and he was a funny
little dork. then we drove down linden looking for brians
jeep and we found i can sleep well now!!!