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2002-12-15 05:03:28 (UTC)

I'm shaterring, shaterring, I'm glass, I'm glass

Yeah, so I'm not feeling too good right now, I feel like
throwing up, I don't think it's from the pizza I ate,
because I'm used to eating that much, maybe I wasn't
feeling too good in the first place, and it just got worse.
Anyways, I'm still feeling akward about the other thing
I've been holding back from the people I don't know who
read this. Basically I'm feeling very deprived at times,
sexually, I'm not saying that to imply that I'm a pervert,
I'm just a regular 17 year old guy who wants to make his
girlfriend happy. I do my best to make her
happy/fullfilled, but I feel as though I'm not getting any
in return. And that makes me feel unappreciated, low, and
not good enough for her, and it lowers my self confidence,
I suppose that's one of the main things that bothers me
about the "big thing" I'm dealing with, I'm just not sure
what to do about it...