down in my eyes
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2002-12-15 05:00:11 (UTC)

nfg fanatic.

& this is only ONE reason why Jessica Rocks.

Jess: i saw allister again last night at the glasshouse
and i went on stage and was singing in the mic
with timmy
me: woaaahhhhh..whaat..the heck..
me: u were on stage?! during the show??
Jess: yeh timmy was pointing at people to come up on
stage and sing along so me and one of my friends
and a few other ppl went up there
Jess: so we were singing in the mic with timmy during
the show in front of everyone
Jess: it was crazy
me: awww! i'm so proud of you!
Jess: hahah yeh
Jess: it wasn't even scary
me: ... fun????
Jess: yeh
me: the crowd made room..for u to get up there??
Jess: my other friend took a pic.i can't wait to see it
me: i thought usually they're stubborn..to move...
Jess: well i was right against the barricade so i just
climbed up there

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