No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-15 04:37:01 (UTC)


Ok, so maybe I'm not done...I forgot something :D
Most of you know that my sister Lisa and I are incredibly
close. She is more than a sister to me. Well, we had a
little argument today with all this stuff with Trish. I
feel bad for being like "whatever" and hanging up on her
(my mom was also on the phone so I jsut got didn't
really hang up) But, Lisa agreed that mom should make Trish
quit her Winn-Dixie job. Lisa was agreeing with everything
mom said. Not to be rude, but I dont see why someone
outside the house should have say in what goes on. She
stands up for me a lot, true. But Trish is also my sister
and I love her. I can't believe anyone would agree with
mean things toward her. It's wrong. Lisa tries very hard,
and she knows what it is like to be a teenager, but she
doesn't know what it is like to have teenagers. She made
her fair share of mistakes and it makes it hard for me to
understand why she wouldn't want to give someone else
another chance when she got other chances. I am angry that
she would do that to her own sister, and in a way, a very
SMALL way and a small percentage of what she said I agree
with. I was angry and didn't mean to be rude and hang up
like that. This morning was not good at all. I'm just
frustrated...that's all. I just don't understand.
My mom just walked out and was like "it'll 11:30...don't
let your sister in" Whatever. lol. She said she'd call when
they were done with Orange Juice and Water. The deal was
she'd call if she was gunna be late...she called and said
she'd be late and also said she call when she was on her
way I'm gunna risk getting in trouble and let her
in. Even if she has done some shitty stuff to me, she is
still my sister and friend and I will do anything for
fanily and friends...even if it means sacrificing things
for myself. It's part of my personality, and if my mom
doesn't like it...tough. She raised me to be kind and
understanding and to give people chances. Although
sometimes she doesn't do those things, I was raised that
way and wont change. I have to give my mom some
credit...she did raise me well. Her and my father did
really try, and she needs credit for that. It's too bad
that they usually don't live by those standards
themeselves. Oh well, I can't change that.
Later...maybe...I am going to get in a LOT of trouble.