No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-15 04:21:09 (UTC)

Feeling better...not bitchy or bitching

I'm feeling a little better. My back isnt as bad. That was
what was making it so bad...I could bearly move. It still
hurts...but it's better. Medicine helps lots.
I am all happy and woo now for some reason. I don't know
why. Ok, so I kinda know why. lol. Some people just know
how to make me smile no matter what. lol. :D I love my
friends SO guys will never know how much I love
you ALL.
Oh, and I want to throw a BIG hug a lots of love to
Jessica! I LOVE YOU! Remember when you screamed that in the
hall last year? lol. That was really great. I hope
everything works out for you. I'm sorry things have been
rough, let me know if I can help in any way. :D
I'm listening to Avril-Tomorrow. It really is a good song.
Even if you don't like pop (which I don't) it really is
good. You should hear it at least. It has a lot of meaning.
Well, at least to me. I never know how tomorrow will be.
Ever. You never know what can happen. I never know what to
say either.
I miss the way everything use to be. I really do. :/ But,
everything happens for a reason, you learn from it, grow
from it, and move on.
I hope my mom lets up on my sister. I hate when things are
bad like this.
"And I'm not ready. Maybe tomorrow"
Great, now my stomach hurts. Oh well, I can deal with that.
It's been bad lately.
COLD! BRR. lol. :D I'm always cold. Where is my little
heater? (inside joke)
*crosses eyes* some of you know I do that alot. I usually
cross my eyes when I say hi to people that I am good
friends with. It's just something crazy I do for laughs.
But, I need to stop becasue it is becoming a habit. I'll
cross my eyes in mid sentence sometimes and I know when I
do it, but I look like an idiot with lazy eye. lol.
mmmmm....Warm Pj's. Gatta love em. lol.
I'll shut-up and stop wasting your time. :D Later