The Shadow of Myself
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2001-08-30 05:53:32 (UTC)

Alright.. here is the scoop...

Alright.. here is the scoop.. there is this guy. I know
it's not really a new concept at all.. how many have I
had? Well.. maybe not that many.. but I do seem to change
interests a lot. Does that mean that this one should loose
significance? I don't think it does.. but like I would.

Anyway.. back to the guy part. (haha) I'm not going to
get too specific on it.. b/c he might read it.. and well
I'm not at the point where I'm sure that I want him to know
what I know.. :) Does that make me devious? No.. it just
make me chicken. I guess I always done things this way. I
just have to feel things out before I dive in head first.
I'm always really safe with myself. I'm not sure where
that comes from but I feel like I need to protect myself.

Ok... not where I wanted to go with that.. so back to him..
haha. So he's completely adorable. I like talking to
him. He is probably one of the sweetest guys ever. Aww..
ok I can't get too detailed b/c you never know who reads
these.. not that I have something bad to say.. just maybe
personal. Anyway...

I have to give a little update on college.. b/c Tarah told
me I should do that for her. Things are interesting. It
is a very different life up here. There are a lot of
awesome girls that live on my floor though.. I'm getting
along well with all of them. We have so much fun
together.. just being stupid and stuff. Just like my
friends from home. (I miss you guys!!) I am reminded
though.. each time I'm with them.. of how like.. all the
friends I have from home are just the best.. and how nobody
could even possibly think of replacing them. And I miss
how they know pretty much everything about me.. and these
people don't. Some people say they like new beginnings..
and it's not that I don't.. but I guess I just miss what
I'm used to.

Classes are ok. However.. I do not enjoy carrying my art
supplies everywhere all the time. They weigh like 4234985
pounds and it's not like they are easy to carry.. it's
really awkward. There are sooo sooo sooo many differnt
things to get involved in it's hard to choose. Like..
tuesday night they showed pearl harbor for free at the
student center from 9-12:30. Ok.. it was a school night..
haha. There are things like that to do all the time...
it's crazy. You seriously have to like try to be bored. I
have to take a lot of naps too! Naps are good times.

Alright.. well that'll do.


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