*...Days Upon Days...*
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2002-12-15 03:47:47 (UTC)

14th * My parents are Back

::;;YaWn;;:: what a longgggg dayyy..i worked for SIX hours
today..and yeah it ain't that long..but standing around
doin nothing is really really boring!eww..but my Friday was
pretty fun

Fri: school..blah blah...Jer took me to worky =) aww..how
sweet, worked for 5 hrs..got my first pay check there
$55.50 yayyy..then came home..cleaned up the house a lil
cuz my parents are comin back..went to get tickets for the
movie n Saw Sean and Annette there, and she is so
cute! ::grr!:: don't u hate those people who look pretty
24/7? yeah she's one of those people, but she's nice. At
8, Jer and I went to Islands to eat food yummmmmmm...but
Pickwick's onion rings will always be the best, and then
went to see the Hot Chick. it was a really good and funny
movie. hehe. Then came back to my house, and jer stayed
the night with me.

Sat: woke up to see my babeh..=)even though he farted!
lol!! and talked in his sleep "Concert S-2000!" got sum
donuts and tea cakes..then he took me to work ::again!::
aww how sweet..but work was soooo borrrinnngggg! =( i
wanted to kill myself right then and there..n also cuz
Steph left me @ 5 =( and they seperated us many times.
anyway..i'm home, and now wanna go to sleeppp but my
parents should be comin back any minute now =/..it was Fun
while they were gone..but oh well. it was an awesome month.

ps. i figured out that if ur boyfriend has some gal-friends, then u
have to treat them right cuz if u hurt them...then the gal-friends
start talking crap about you and are like "omg, i don't like her
anymore" ...um HELLO??!!! wtf, do they even know me?? DUH if they
wanna hate me, then i'll give them a reason to hate me.

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