sex sells, and (unfortunately) i like it
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2002-12-15 02:08:18 (UTC)

sex sells and [unfortunaltely]i like it...

Sex sells adn [unfortunately] i like it...that is a song
from the band piebald... it is a good sang, and it is a
rather true statement. i just thought i should start out
with some cool lyrics from the best band.
one year ago today, i fell in love... but i didnt realize
it then... infact, i believe i am just now finding it out.
i met and started going out with this kid a year ago today
adn i have liked him sence. he is a grade behind me now so
he is in a different school, and i havent seen him in iek
forever, but some how i still liek him...
anyways, now that i got that out- on friday... I GET TO
GO SEE PIEBALD!!!!!!!!! i amso excited, we are leavignm
school and driving down to see them, it will be so cool,
they arte liek the best band ever and they are all so cute!
ahhhh i cant wait.

im kinda pissed cause it is 904 and i have to go baby
sitting in liek 10 minutes... i dotn want to be uo untill
midnight b-cause i have a really important interview
tomarrow adn i dotn want to be all tired. it si an
interview to become a student ambassedor, and it is pretty
important to me. if this goes wll, i get to go toEngland
Ireland Scottland adn Whales... adn those are lika ll of my
favorite countries. o well i love the kids i am
babysitting, they are so well behaved. and they are the
most beautiful kids.
i gotta go babysittin now, so ill write later. (adn i
promis it will be more exciting)
~becca jane hill

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