No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-15 01:31:19 (UTC)


hey! Well, I am back to bitch some more lol.
I am really sick. The kind of sick that you cant taste
anything and your throat burns. I have a rash on my
neck...that or it's just my cat back hurts
really bad, my stomach hurts, I get hot and cold flashes
and can't get comfortable, I have a fever, I have a
headahce, I over analyize everything, I'm emotional, I'm
tired but cant sleep, and my voice is starting to go out
and my lips are chapped. The blows.
Trish didn't get home till 5 in the morning. Yeah, my mom
got all bitchy. Trish and Terry were driving around, Trish
said she's be home by 11:30. I waited up all night, which
kinda pissed me off, but oh well. My mom is pulling this
half kicking Trish out shit. She needs to fucking calm
down. DAMN! She really pisses me off sometimes.
Ahh...sick sucks. *whine noise* :( Later.