2001-08-30 05:01:42 (UTC)


Ok, I must confess, I'm getting antsy. I really, really
want a girlfriend. I have this one girl in mind. She is
everything I could ever want. The one conflict i face is
my low self esteem. I think to highly of other people, but
I think of myself as dirt. It's basically the basis of all
my problems. I swear my mood changes when the moon changes
positions. My monumental status on this earth is basically
the same as a flake of snow. Stick around for a bit, then
melt away. I'd love to show myself up.

Summer is coming to a close. School is starting in about 8
days. Of course, by my stupid folly, I have to take 2 gym
classes. But It won't be so bad. I was so glad i skipped
last year. If I didn't, I wouldn't've made so many new
friends. And the Dead Fetus Club would still be non-
existent. Doulbe art, no more math, triple science. I am
ecstatic that I have classes with my friends. I am also
happy that my artistic abilities are starting to flourish.

To put it plain and simple, I am sick of being a nobody.
There is going to be one day, where I will rise up and show
everyone that I can make something of myself. And for the
girl I like, I won't forget you, never...

"Only the dead fish swim with the stream"

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