Moonwind Dancer

Moonwind Dancer's Shadow of the Nig
2001-08-30 04:43:57 (UTC)

Today is a new day!


It was so nice to hear from you Chris. I always love to
talk and my hubby says its my best feature!!! LOL I have
ahd a very busy day sewing school clothes for my neice,
Amber. It's something I do every year with GUSTO!!! LOL
I work my poor little sewing machine to has had
to be revived a coupla times so far.

I got tomeet a very nice young lady this week. She was
engaged to my nephew and they drifted apart and he married
someone else. She is as smart as she is beautiful. My
Sister, Destiny and I preformed an "Un-binding" on her
while she was here and I read her cards for her. She is so
refreshing. As soon as she finishes college this December,
she is moving up here into my sister's house and getting a
good job. She is getting a degree in Computing. I wish
her all the best. She will do well. I had to learn the
computer by the hunt and peck method.....killed 8 computers
learning how to use one!!! LOL They were saying if ya
want something erased to where ya can never find it
again...let Jamie do it. Hey!!! I do it by mistake, not
on purpose! But believe me I can do it. I do readings for
people for free soif anyone needs help...I am here. I also
have a vast library and can help with just about any
problem ...and I do this for free too. I don't want to
taint my powers and lose them so I do things for free and
actually HELP people.

I am finally coming to terms with the death of my precious
puppy and hope to be myself soon. I sew to keep my mind
off of the little grave in my front yard. I know he can
never be replaced but I also know he is still here with me
in spirit. MY House is filled with spirits and at least
one of them is not a happy one. A girl was murdered here
in this house about a year befor we moved into it and she
is still here. I have a very old spirit contained in my
back room. My son even captured it on film while he was
here visiting. I had to place dark material over the
windows and part of a wall and over the adjoining doorway
to my bedroom so it would be quiet. It seems happy now and
hasn't bothered us anymore. I just gave it a place that is
all its own and now it rests. My cats and dogs won't even
go in there. Alls well that ends well. Right now I must
get ready to go to bed because I have a doctors appointment
tomorrow and need to be coherent for him. I AM NOT A DAY
PERSON!!! I hate being out in the daylight. My meds make
me burn so sucks!!! Till the next time..

Have a wonderful day/night.

BB Blessings