It smells like poop over here
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2002-12-14 20:31:55 (UTC)

last night

fucking sucked. i picked up nick, we smoked a roach, got
joe then rich. went back to my house, waiting on neil, pat
and 2 girls i don't know. dave, laura and kate were coming
to. dave had his heart set on going to moma rosas. my mom
want's to watch providence, so she kicks my crew and neils
crew out. we go to moma rosa's, even though dave was
getting carry out. so we get there, and they're eating
inside. so we leave, im pissed, neil's mad, and so is dave.
dave's mad cause he order a pizza for us, but no one ate
it. neil said lets go to lindas, then pat calls my cell on
the way there and says "go to monty's" and states liek 40
fuckin reasons why we should go. joe, nick, rich and i get
our own table, rich wants to go home, nick wants to go to
this party and dean calls me. i drop of rich, and nick. put
on like 100 miles on my car and dropped like half a tank,
but with no gas $$$. me joe and dean go to moma rosa's
cause im hungry as fuck. then we go back to deans and i
feel asleep, then went and got matt and brandon. they're
hungry so we go to some 24 cafe in greektown that sucked.
then i came home, looked at all the christmas presents that
i bought that i dont' even wanna give now and passed out
and didn't go to wrestling. now im sitting here, not jerkin
off and have to work in less than a half hour. these last
48 hours have been a total bust. PEACE