champagne supernova
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2002-12-14 19:45:06 (UTC)

one large vodka tonic

wow..last nite was so odd. i dont know wheer or not i want
to remember it. my grandmas boyfriend threw a christmas
tree decorating party ....but really it was oneof those
parties for aduts tatdidnt have anything better to do then
come and drink you know? that was sorta ...weird
considering the fact tht i dont drink and my uncle would
not stop insisting i "try this wonderful concoction"
hell wth it all. i was having a crapy day yestrday for the
most part. and i havent talked to bobby and it really
pisses me off, i miss him ..and i have 5 more days to wait
until i see him and do not ant to wait any longer. im
getting very impaitent here. and man..i just ...*sigh* the
biggest thing that happened last nite involved my
father..he showed up! and i had every intention of ignoring
him becase i decided a few months back that he wa TO NEVER
BE IN MY LiFE ANYMORE...until my aunt at me down and told
me why he never comes around .and i wanted to cry. i had no
idea. ...i cant even begin to describe it to you. im not
sure i have the will to do it. it was horrible. my dad is
now someoe i admire so much i cant even begin to tell amazing how you find out all of thse things about
your family that u never knew . no body ever told mean
anything.and last nite it all came out about my dad.what
did i do u might ask...i saw him and i wanted to cry. i
felt so bad for him. i went over to him and give him the
biggest hug i have ever given him. i wanted to tell him how
sorry i was for him and that he didnt deserve what was
being done to him ...and i am sorry. very sorry

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