Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-12-14 18:23:38 (UTC)


Ok, yeah, now I'm really never talking to adam again. I
called him yesterday and told him to stay out of my life
and to never talk to me again or even look at me again.He
called me three times yesterday and told me to call him
back and so i did. then, he read me the suicide note that
he was going to leave his mom. he told me that if i told
anyone, he'd do it right then. it was killing me and i
couldnt breathe or even think. i couldnt stop crying at
all...and i couldnt talk. i called erica and told her what
was going on because i was literally losing my mind. Adam
told me that the only way that he wouldnt do it was if i
could get Tiffeny to listen to him and so whether he lived
or died was all on me. I couldn't handle it. Well, matt
called in the middle of all of it and i ended up hanging up
and on him and he kept trying to call back and i wouldnt
answer and he lives about 20 minutes away and the next
thing i know, i was on the phone with erica and matt was at
my house. He came over just to see if i was ok. Well, adam
called me back and i wouldnt answer the phone and he told
me that he had the card that the hospital gave him to call
when he felt suicidal. Well...after i called erica, both of
us were calling suicide hotlines and such. and then my mom
called and came straight home after erica explained what
happened because when i talked or thought about it i cried
more and more. so my mom came home and told me that it
wasnt my problem and his life didnt need to be in my hands.
So, my mom called his mom and told her about it because it
was like tearing me apart and so his mom was supposed
to 'take care of it.' But now, and ferever, I just want
Adam out of my life. He's done no good in it. I didnt even
want to be in the middle of his and tiffeny's relationship
but i was. and he had the nerve to get me into it after he
cheated on me with her. He's brought no good to my life.
and now, i just want him out of it

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