Journey to Something
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2002-12-14 17:47:01 (UTC)

Saturday, December 14, 2002

God i wish i could bitch slap her.

why the hell is she always trying to be different by
disagreeing with everyone else, even when you can tell she
doesn't believe her own words. does she ever take into
account other people's feelings? the way she acted the
other afternoon you wouldn't think so.

mr. dailey's wife died in a car crash on december 5, one
day after the 9-year anniversary of my older brother's
death in a car crash. we were discussing all of this in
11th period biology, when mr. z came over and we told him
what we were talking about. he told me i should tell mr.
dailey about my brother because i know how he feels and
most people don't. so then that bitch decides to
say, "well i don't think kaitlyn really knows how he
feels. she was only 5." if she had any idea of what i
felt when she said that i'm positive she wouldn't have.
i'm sure others don't think that night way back in december
of 1993 had any effect on me, but if anybody, it hit me the
worst. as a child, i was able to see the pain through
everybody else. all too soon i lost my big brother, my
idol, and my best friend.

some people need to think things over before they go speak
their mind, yet more importantly, others need to make sure
it's THEIR mind that's speaking.