Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-30 03:20:25 (UTC)

The stork is coming....

Wow... what a great day off! I enjoyed it. I cleaned, and I
also... decoupaged!! That's right!! I loooove to decoupage
and since I had a bunch of free time on my hands today.. I
worked on my little stool thing that I made in shop class a
few years ago. It's awesome:) I'm proud.

Jen called me today! Hooray! I was soo happy to hear her
voice! We talked for about an hour... and she kept tellin
us how much she missed us and couldnt' wait to see us...
gosh I love her. Yeah.. we're gonna be friends for life.
Jen, Ashley, and I... we're totally inseperable... I love

So.. tonight we get a call around 430 sayin that my cousin
was in labor!! Yay! So... we rush over to the hospital
thinking that by the time we got there she woudl be ready
to have the baby (since she had been there since 530 this
morning) But, after waitin around for about 3 hours.. she
was still only dialted 5cm (that's about halfway for those
of you who are not aware! haha). So.. we decided we should
probably leave and let her rest, but my guess is... we're
probably gonna have little baby Trent in our lives by
tomorrow morning! hehe

Well... I gotta be at work by 730 again tomorrow. I hate
that.. shew. But, the good news is, next Friday (the
retreat) I only have to work til like.. 400 or 430 so..
I'll be at the retreat earlier than I expected. I can't
wait to see everyone! I'm sooo pumped!! Everyone is sooo
excited and it's just gonna be an awesome retreat!!