Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
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2001-08-30 03:19:32 (UTC)

Just a few more words...

before I say goodnight. I just got back from saying goodbye
to my best friend and I don't want to type about being sad
right now, cause then I am afraid I will sit up and type
and instead of being tired, like i am right now, im afraid
I will wake myself up and not be able to fall asleep. so
basically i need to hurry and get to bed before the tired
feeling wears off, otherwise i will be up all night
thinking scary thoughts while lying in bed, and then i wont
sleep and by the time 6AM rolls around, I will just be
wanting to fall asleep, but the cruel joke is that i cant-i
have to go to work!!!!! so good night my friends, more
stories later. goodnight....hopefully.