2002-12-14 16:15:55 (UTC)

Let there never be a goodbye

Last night was good my hair was liberty spiked and I saw
Sarah. Speaking of seeing Sarah amy said she was going to
kick my ass if I didn't kiss her which we all know couldn't
happen. Which I did kiss her and fucked up be one belief I
mean its not my first time kiss some one so it comes a
shock to me I screwed up :( . Well yeah band practice is
today ssssshhhhh I'm not going because I want to hang out
with Sarah again. Why do the sadist things happen on the
happiest days?? Thats the question of the day I guess. Well it's a
question and its today well I guess thats a the question of today so
lets stop talking about nothing Nick. The beanery had really shitty
music playing last night and Sarah beat me in pool twice holy crap
thats not cool. I was like the bomb at it then last night I screwed
up really bad..... then came when she had to leave I didn't want to
let her go but her friend kept telling her to come on.And then Cass
that I was depressed or something because I wasn't talking. I wasn't
depressed just wanted her to come back.
Let there never be a goodbye
I’ll hold you close with everything inside
I’ll touch you with ever thought I can
And when nothing is left to be said
And if you just don’t understand
never say goodbye
You know I’ll never leave
Always missing you in the end

Well thats whats new in the boring world of Nick later you home
slices you

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