Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2002-12-14 15:02:04 (UTC)

Sorry J

Okay let me say this hopefully i will be able to tell you
this before you read this on here. Your going away for the
summer probably so i decided instead of sticking around in
IL i should go. So today when i got home i applied to
several cruise lines to work on there onboard casinos, its
just for the summer and ill make twice as much this way. I
also called some of them too and it looks pretty good.
I just couldnt see sitting around and just working with
you not around it would drive me nutts. I need to get out
and socialize you know. This is not set in stone yet honey.
Now that i got that off my chest.
I just want to be beside you everywhere J, cause you
started something cant you see, ever since we met you've
had a hold on me, no matter what you do, i only want to be
with you.