Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2002-12-14 13:37:21 (UTC)

Holiday Inn Was No Holiday People

Ok, first off let me just say that holiday inn was no
holiday what so ever....and leave it at no hot
water and my fear of heights up on the 6th floor..bastards.

So i went out with my gf J last nite and her
friends....isnt funny how last week someone..mainly J can
say i want sex too much. however if you play hard to get
your ten times more attractive.

Lovely nite. Here is the problem with Boston. I'm totally
in love with the city...and I feel like i totally belong
there...however J cant be with me.

Isnt it funny how, sometimes your always trying to leave
where your from, then you meet that someone and part of you
wants to stay...decisions...decisions.

Well I have to go to work write later.