Unexpected Mysteries
2001-08-30 02:43:50 (UTC)

Just Another Day

Didnt do much today, Sarah and I just hung around, went out
on the treadmill and that's about it, guess it's time to
get out and do something, I always love the night, it's so
mysterious. Oh, I did do something interesting, the
creative person that I am, I created a flyer for a
potential job. I'm going to send this flyer to all the
companies that I would like to work at, and just see what
the outcome is....if nothing else, it should make someone
say, this lady is something else, and maybe I will get the
opportunity. I'm getting desperate now, no money.....I've
got to do something. I hate Temp agencies, so I've got to
do what I have to do.

Later...until I get a quiet moment, I will share my
thoughts completely. Because, Nick has me going, and
that's a good thing.