Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-12-14 09:43:36 (UTC)

I Have Everything I've Ever Wanted

I am truly happy right now in the deepest possible sense.
It's amazing how wonderful things have become since I
finally realized that I'm not destined to be unhappy. Yes,
I will always have problems, but I can be happy with my
life- not in a superficial, temporary way, but in a long-
lasting, meaningful way. Happy endings really are possible.

I look at my life right now, and I see that everything I
always dreamed of in high school is present in my life
right now.

I'm popular on my campus. I'm in a sorority. When I go
anywhere on campus with my friends, I always hear, "Geez,
Jen, do you know EVERYONE?"

I'm a student senator. I work for a VP of the university.
Just today, I had a chat with the president of the
university about the weather.

I'm in a setting where I can expand my mind the way I
choose. College isn't about following strict rules and
learning censored material. It's about freedom to discuss
ideas openly and frankly. It's about working your ass off
but being able to skip class if you want to. It's about
doing your own thing.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who I completely adore and who
completely adores me for who I am. There are no words to
explain how great our relationship is and how compatible we
are. We've starting finishing each other's sentences.
After being back together for almost 4 months, we've both
proved that we've grown and matured over the past year, and
there's no doubt in my mind that our relationship will
continue to prosper for quite some time. He's my best

While I'm not stick-figure thin, I have kept off the weight
I lost over the summer and I've even lost a little more
since then. I've been working out every day recently, and
I'm on a very realistic track to reaching and maintaining
my ideal weight. What's even better is that I have friends
and a boyfriend who love me even if I do have a little
extra flab, and they are super supportive of my efforts to
get fit.

I have the most amazing group of friends in the whole
world. They make me feel like I can completely be myself
with them. I always know that they are sincerely happy to
see me and spend time with me. We are there for each other
when we cry, and we laugh together like idiots without
caring what anyone around us thinks. I never have to go an
entire day without a hug.

I couldn't have asked for a better roommate. Sharing a
room with her is better than having one to myself. We
share wonderfully, and there has yet to be tension between
us. She is such a great listener, and she always knows
just what to say. We have so much fun!

Of course there are things that I could use in my life
(more money!), but right now, I can think of nothing that I
don't have that I seriously need to be content. I must be
the luckiest girl on the face of the earth.

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