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2001-02-07 21:04:15 (UTC)

This weather is going to kill..

This weather is going to kill me !!!!! Last two days has
been freezing cold, then it starts to snow like there has
never snowed before, and at noon today it started raining.
No wonder everyone drove home like they had gotten the
license today *lol*

For me, who goes by bus, it should be easy with the snow
and the rain, but nooooooo way !! The busses all stood
still because of the ice and the rain, and no one said a
word to anyone about it. So there I was, waiting in the
rain and the cold wind for an hour, then I finally got a
bus who came bye by acsident. In town there was not a cab
for more than an hour and when I finally could go inside my
own home, more than two hours had passed since I went out
the door at work. Tomorrow I am going to call the company
and ask if the busses are on time or not *lol*

I haven't come over my sad periode yet, don't know why I
act this way but there is something wrong and it is
bothering me. Maby my life finally is coming together and
that I now have time and a place for a man in my life
again ? My kids are getting bigger every day and don't need
me that much, and I have a good health for the first time
in years. So a man is what I am looking for now :-)

This time of year is filled with many meetings and I have
my callender full all the way to march. So I guess I have
to look for a man some other time *lol* Accounts to put
right and people to gather for weeks to come.

So my friends, have a nice week, what's left of it, and
hope u have a nice weekend too.

A big hug to my fury friend and my daughter :-)

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