Cosmic Rain
2002-12-14 05:37:45 (UTC)


I seriously need to make up a new folder for the link to
this place. I can never find it in my favourites, because
it simply does not stand out in any shape or form. So that
will be something I will do. *mental note*

I have been having the strangest dreams of late. So much so
that I am convinced the dream fairy has been giving me
someone else's dreams. I think the most normal one of
recent was one where Mel and I were hugging. Nice and
naturally normal feeling. Even though I guess it isn't
normal. But it felt nice. Nice compared to Aliens and
freaks of nature that inhabit peoples bodies and then
decide to give birth to themselves. Shedding the body of
their host. Which my mind decided to give me in full icky
colour and detail. And my mind did rewind it too, so I
could see it again for I missed parts of it the first time.
That I can blame on video's. Where something kinda icky
happens and ya miss bits and ya go.."Oooh rewind that, I
missed that." Even though you knowwwww you are going to be
totally grossed out by it, you simply must see that, just
to be sure of what it was. So in my dream I saw it twice. I
happened to be in some white coat lab and once this human
thing had shedded the other body it went on a rampage
killing people. As you do. Who wouldn't if that was how
they came into the world. Somehow I managed not to get
killed, but this thing became a person and the only way to
stop it killing you was to spray some shit into its eyes.
No idea what it was..Hairspray or something? Which seemed
my Mum was doing every 2 secs...*spray spray* So of course
I got my own spray just to spray into its eyes. Even though
it managed to stab me in the leg with something. That
bloody hurt. Why is it you can feel pain in your dreams?
*ouch* Anyway it was a stupid, twisted dream which scared
me, cause you simply just couldn't kill this thing and it
wouldn't blooody go away. Looked a lot like Eminem too. No

I have no idea of anything really much of late. I think
about all that has happened of recent and I keep thinking
if maybe I did some things differently or said things or
just things, then things might be different. I don't really
know. Sometimes maybe I think too much that it is me. And
simply not just the way things go. Sometimes yeah I really
do think too much. So I will stop right here, because I am
prolly thinking too much.....

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