2001-08-30 01:36:49 (UTC)

Phone Call

Well, i called Laci, because i couldn't stand worrying. so
we talked, and it was a little more silent tonight than any
other night so far. She complained i dont open up to her. I
guess i just reasoned that its hard to because i dont want
to get hurt. But in reality, im just scared to open up to
someone i cant trust. I don't really have trust with Laci,
because im never around her, and i dont know her THAT well.
That's what makes me worry so much, thats what makes my day
hell and my dreams so good because i dream of what i want my
life to be! (lol) i like Laci alot, i want this to work, but
its NOT!!!! WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?! ahhh im going crazy, Later.