Procrastination is Key
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2002-12-14 05:08:29 (UTC)

I apologize

Yeah I realize its been a while since I have written
anything and tonight it probably wont be very much either
but I thought I would rather do this than continue looking
through the stuff i printed out for my group project- which
is really the final exam. So the semester is over
basically- really hard to imagine. I have had 2 exams and
it feels like they were centuries ago. Apparently the
physics exam went pretty well b/c I got an A- in the
class:-D very exciting. I am anxious to get my organic
grade- i really dont know how i did on that one- hopefully
it will be a good suprise. Unfortunately today I got lost
driving around durham. Somehow we ended up on a road that
said "To 40" though- and I know there was no way we were
getting out of there at that point so we just searched for
the interstate. Found it after a while but of course the
traffic was at a standstill and I had had to pee for like
the last 30 min! Oh well- made it back safe and sound:-p I
should just be glad my car actually started to get me
anywhere since when I went to drive it last night the
battery was dead. Luckily Blake came to my rescue and we
got it going- heres hoping I can make it home!
The job has been really good actually- despite the fact
that there are many pissed off people due to getting no
money for their books, I really like it there! Not sure why
but I just got this sense of contentment while working
today- not contentment like i want to work in a bookstore
all my life or anything- just happy with what i was doing
to make a little extra dough:-p Ok- i need to start getting
ready for bed- getting up around 8 again for work and I
need to get there as early as possible so I can leave a
little before 3- it'll be fun trying to make it to Raleigh
by 4! Night night all!

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