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2001-08-30 01:14:09 (UTC)

it's about time i got back on here!

i haven't written in a while... i have a lot to say so here
goes. FIRST AND FOREMOST, Aaliyah. my prayers and
condoldences go out to her family and friends in this
time of grief, and all the other people on the plane's
families. i am totally devastated by the loss of her.
she was a beautiful person in every sense of the word.
so much creative talent was lost on that plane....

on a different note: school starts in exactly a week. (i was
totlly unaware of this, i thought we started in like two
weeks) i am sooo flipping out. i'm worrying about every
little thing, i mean, it is my first year of high school.
i'm not worried about friends or whatever, i have no reason
to worry about that, i've got plenty. but i'm going crazy
over the possibility of me getting lost. the school's not
that big but i'm bad with directions! and worse we don't get
our schedules 'til the first day of school. i keep trying to
chill so i don't break out or anything, but i can't help it.
also, there are people in the school i had problems with two
years ago and chances are they're just as immature now as
they were then. i just keep praying that i'll do fine, i
will. i will. i will!!! ok... changing the subject... this
summer has been so... just GREAT in every sense of the word.
i have learned who my true friends are, and i've learned
that age IS only a number, and i've learned that God will
always be there and all i had to do was give my heart to
Him, and i stopped crying every day because i'm genuinely
happy for the first time in two years, and i RELAXED and
slept... and i fell in love and know it's real if not for
anything else for friendship, and i came to the realization
that some people just don't like you and you have to deal,
and some people love you and you have to cherish that, and i
learned you can't always have who or what you want. but
above all, the major lesson i learned this summer was that
EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. God makes everything fall
into place eventually in some way or another. you just have
to realize that when your life isn't going too well, that it
will get better and what you're going through has to happen
and you CAN'T stop it from happening. goodnight and God
bless. -bree PEACE, LOVE, AND PUNK ROCK.

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