Mindy aka Cutie

The life of a suicidal Teenager.
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2002-12-14 04:08:58 (UTC)

Fun night with the girls..for the first time in a while

OMG...tonight has been so much fun. Me and Ricky decided
to take a break for this weekend and just see what
happens. I went to the movies and saw The Ring for the
second time. With Dalana that is. She used to be my best-
friend and now we are just talkin again. She's really
cool. Well, I am spending the night with her and I told
Ricky that I wasn't going over to her house and I did. You
know what I don't care. He doesn't need to know every
single thing about my life or what I do. Yes, we might
love each other. But, he is just way to controling. This
girl is here also, Racheal. It's Dalana's friend and she
is spending the night with us too. CRAZINESS. I finally
feel like I am doing something for myself and not just for
my stupid boyfriend. Wow, do you know how good this
feels? John was supposed to come along but, I could never
get ahold of him so he didn't. Maybe I will get ahold of
him tommorow. I can't get over the fact how happy I am.
This isn't normal for me to feel happy. Since I am so
happy shouldn't that mean something is wrong with me and
Ricky? Oh well, I'm going to go and party.