Visions Of Life
2002-12-14 03:51:10 (UTC)


Recently I have noticed how against alcohol I am. I cant
even laugh at the Simpsons when a joke is made about being
drunk. I used to drink and will have an occassional drink
but the thought of being drunk sickens me. I donot see the
point in being drunk anymore. It makes you look like a fool
and do stupid things. Ive been drunk and have probally
embarassed myself tho almost everytime I've been drunk I
have had my legs spread so it didnt matter. Recently I have
seen too many of the bad effects of alcohol to agree with
people getting drunk. Ive seen violence because of drinking
as well as people acting like idiots. Ive seen girls taken
advantage of because of alcohol, me included and Ive seen
the absolute evil of the human race come out while a person
is drunk. Alcohol is a very sensitive subject to me and it
makes me emotional. I just cant understand why people would
want to kill their bodies and act like uneducated fools. Of
cource I am a bit of a hypocrit because I sometimes do
drugs but never in excess and usually only for seual
purposes. Most people think I am horrible for my anti
alcohol attitude lately but if people had witnessed what
ive had, they might understand. One drink or two is fine
but drinking in excess makes me sick and makes me think
less of a person while they are intoxicated and even after
I still hold that image in my head whenever I look at that
person and living with that burden does take a toll after