My So-called Life
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2002-12-14 02:22:00 (UTC)

friday the 13th

omg, today started off pretty bad. i was all good and my
friend called and said she couldn't take me so i would
have to ride the bus. the bus would b at my house in 5
minutes and i was in my pj's and my hair was still up in a
towel. it was awful. i went to school looking like a bum
and with wet hair. ugh! then of course was another boring
school day, nothing fun at all. i just have to disect i
pig monday!! how gross! but i did get invited to go to
jasmine's house, which has been the highlight of my day.
ps- jaz is my bff. i know she is gonna kill me cuz i know
i am gonna fall asleep early b/c of school. tomorrow i
have to go that stupid christmas play at tbn. fun fun.
another boring day here.