The Story of Me
2001-08-30 00:33:11 (UTC)

Same deal...different day.

It's been an alright day. Not bad, but nothing to really
classify it as good. So alright sounds pretty satisfactory
right now. I didn't do much as usual...I hung around the
house...went to the store with my mom and brother and got
some new perfume. Then I came home, took a nap, ate some
dinner, and now here I am. I'm going back to Fredonia in a
couple of weeks, and that will be fun. I can't wait. Kristy
isn't as busy as she was the last time I went. Yeah, she'll
have classes and crap like that, but I'll just tag along.
Hehe. She called me last night, and we chatted some. It's
good to know that she is doing alright.

School is starting soon for my brothers. Yay!! I can't
wait. 6 more days until there will finally be some peace
and quiet in this house. And that means no more bickering
over this damn computer. My brothers have some insane
addiction or something. You know that something is wrong
when my brother cancels plans with his friends to hang out
on the computer. It's just not right. And they are allowed
2 hours online apiece. I have 3 brothers, that's 6 hours of
online time. I think that i am being more than fair. And
I'm usually on later at night...around 11 or so. Sometimes
I get on periodically during the day to check my e-mail or
to write in here, but that's it. And I don't chat to too
many people. There are the lucky few though :) Well, it's a
little after 8 right now, and I have one brother here
nagging me because he hasn't used his "other hour" on the
computer. and he's only 8 so i figure that he will go to
bed right after, so it's all good. Maybe I'll write in here
again sometime soon.