*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-12-14 01:48:37 (UTC)

THE LIST-revised and edited

THE LIST (which always must be said in a deep, booming
voice) has been revised, edited, and re-grouped. I have
seriously re-thought and re-evaluated my choices for this
month's THE LIST. With no further a due...THE LIST.

*Tommy Coon (the guy who put a grasshopper down my shirt
in gym class and he will be on my list always and
forever.P.S. I FOUND OUT HIS LIST!!!)
*Patrick Scarpati (the newbie on THE LIST, he's really
always been there in spirit.)
*Nathan Hollenberg (Audrey's older brother ((11th grade))
and has been newly discovered and is very niiiice, Yasmin
knows what I'm talking about.)

THE HOTTNESS LIST (this is a new sub-division of THE LIST
most of my guys from THE LIST have been moved here due to a
discovery of some fault or other disqualification from THE
*Joe (Jorge) Schmit (Due to my discovery of his extreme
imaturity, he has been demoded to this list.)
*Andy York (He is still very hott, but now that he
stopped spiking his hair, he has lost his edge.)
*EJ Lewis (Considering I have never actually met him I
couldn't really put him on THE LIST and also I discovered
his real name is Edward, not the EJ is so hott, but Edward
is worse.)
*Ryan Fowler (Yet again since I do not know him THAT well, he
can not be put on THE LIST but is EXTREMELY hott.)

THE CUTENESS LIST (This is another sub-division of THE LIST
and it's explanation is... I have discovered that I now can
USUALLY((that does not mean always)) control my flirtatious
tenedencies and if I can not control them I can realize
when they are going full-blast, this is the THE LIST of
guys who I discover myself uncontrollably directing my
flirtatious vibes to.)
*Matt Johnson (In my freshman seminar class, makes me
laugh, smells good and made my scarf smell good for a week.)
*Jason (Harry) Slaughbaugh (OMG I screwed up his last
name but he is funny also and for the record he flirted
*Steve (Scott) Smith (He is a total screw up and makes no
effort in school but is always hanging around us in F.S.
((have you noticed that Brenda?)) and is hilarious.)

Just a reminder this is not scientific and I am not an
expert in any sense of the word, you may agree or disagree,
I would be happy to hear your opinions on people who should
be added, taken, or moved from a list (this does not mean I
will do so because THE LIST and it's sub-divisions are
designed for me, but I would like to hear a variety of
opinions, please leave a legitimate email and I will get
back to you), Brenda I want NO comments from you, you know


P.S. I will notify my readers (the very few there are) of
any changes made to THE LIST and it's sub-divisions.