Sullen Girl

A Bird Upon the Wind
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2001-08-29 23:53:06 (UTC)

"It's been a hard days night..

and I've been working like a dog". Anybody listen to the
Beatles? Well even if you dont, all I was really singing
about was my extremely loooong day at work-7AM to 6PM.
Thats 11 hours, and I didnt take a break for lunch either!
Can you believe it! And I was so tired this morning because
ofcourse I couldnt fall asleep last night when I got home!
I slept like, maybe an hour or two total, not in a row
cause I kept waking up, but total!!

Anyways so I told you I would tell you how fondue was, well
we didnt go. Yeah, we called before we went to check out
the price range cause we heard it was quite pricy, and it
was. It was like $30 a person, which would have been $180
for us to eat dinner together and since were all broke
college kids, we went to another very nice italian
restaurant in Georgetown call "Papparazzi". It was delicios
and only cost $90. So I am glad we went there, cause I like
Italian. So anyways, after dinner we drove back to our town
and went to a bar that everybody goes to on Tuesday nights.
I saw a couple of people from high school i hadnt seen in a
while. And its always good to see people that kind of
always thought they were better than you, or you had a
crush on them and they didnt give you the time of day, or
they thought you werent attractive but now your hot, that
makes you feel good. Especially if its a guy that didnt
sweat you in school, but now he regrets it! Hell yeah! I
didnt actually see a guy that I had a crush on, well
actually I saw a boy I had a crush on in fifth grade(he was
in sixth), and he didnt like me then. Well now the bitch is
practically bald and hes only like 22-23!!!
So about this guy I saw last night. Hes my age, but I had a
crush on his brother, oh still do!!, and like this guy G
was the shy type, but still he never talked to me or looked
at me or anything like that but I so puppy loved him! Even
when he graduated before me, I still would hear things and
keep up on him, cause I had friends at his college. So but
like, he totally knew I liked him and so did his brother.
And his brother always kind of made fun of me for liking
his brother, kind of acting like I was a stalker or
something, which was not the case at all, just an admirer
GEEZ! So, but he would make me feel stupid for liking his
brother, you know, like "Your never gonna get him" type of
Well over this past Christmas break I think it was, or
Thanksgiving break, I ran into him at a bar, TGIF's, and
when I saw him I literally could not breathe. I ran to my
friends panting G is here! G is here! Oh my god. I was
shaking, and my knees felt week. So I tried to maintain and
stay cool, well then he came and said hello! and started
totally talking to me, and ofcourse im fucking drunk trying
my damndest not to say anything retarded, but we talked for
so long and in high school see, we had a class together=)
and my teacher knew I liked him, so she always hooked my
seating spot up next to his. but so we started talking
about this class we had together and he totally admitted
that he had a crush on me, and ofcourse i was like no way!
cause i did!! he said that i wrote him a mean email in h.s.
or somthing, but i have no recollection of this, but the
more I thought of this i could kind of recover old
memories, and it was when he was at college and I was still
here in high school. I think what I did was I sent him a
valentines day email, like a shakespeare sonnet thats my
favorite and a little note hello. and he either wrote me
back saying like "whatever you suck" or he didnt write me
back at all, but either way wouldnt that be mean? I mean,
like he cant write back "thanks, your sweet, but umh, no."
am i right?
so anyways the whole point is that he said he liked me, and
then he talked to me til the bar closed, and then after the
bar I invited him over to my friends house close by to
drink and hang some more-and he said yes and was totally
going to come with me, then guess what happens! we are in
the lobby of the bar waiting with my friends for our ride
to pull around, and my fucking two guy friends, who know I
love this guy, mortify the hell out of me!! First one of
them runs at me and completely just tackles the hell out of
me. I mean I am sprawled out onmy back on the ground
infront of G. Next they proceed to go outside and moon
everyone front ways and back ways!!! OK, embarassing!!!
needless to say G's ride made it before ours did and he
bounced and I havent seen him since? isnt that sad?
after this experience, ofcourse all i could do was think of
him, so when I got back to school I kind of wrote him a
letter explaining lots of things...oh hang on i'll write
more later-foods here!!! I am starving. Sorry to leave you
hanging, I'll come back k? Peace.