Road to Freedom
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2002-12-14 00:27:42 (UTC)

What a week

Xmas party was fun, actually the best time ever at a work
function. However, I was found out LOL. Susanne from
another property saw me online under my lesbian screen
name. She is a lesbian and said she knows my secret and
wants to hang out sometime. I was like totally cool, but
she was talking in front of my mom who was in another
conversation, but damn. That was close.

One day I am a lesbian and another day I think I want to be
with men. Though I havnet been with anyone in over 8
months. It has been 8 since a woman and about 12 months
from being with a man.

I use to swing. So sex was pretty easy to find and I had a
lot of it. Now, I am more into having a relationship and I
am not looking to get laid. I know how to do that. SO I
have been pretty much not been looking online cause that is
all people seem to want on here. I work, I take pictures
and that is about all I do these days. Well I do have
toys, and thank god for them. Guess it is just not high on
my priority list to get back into a relationship that is
based totally on sex. Been there done that and it never
works out. Sure Sure, sex is great for a few months, then
well I am sure older people know what I am saying.

Going to WWE live events next week here in Florida. I love
WWE wrestling. It amazes me how many people judge me for
watching it. Like a woman must be a redneck with no teeth
living in a trailer park to enjoy it. It is drama, and
entertainment. It does not try and market itself as a
sport, but as World Wrestling Entertainment. It is great
fun to watch.

One more day of work and off to Orlando I go. Then to
tampa. It is going to be awesome with 3 days off. Kick