2002-12-13 23:54:25 (UTC)

Do you undstand tha words that are comin outta my mouth??

I think im going crazy without you, i wait on you at
school everyday, i wait for you to get there, for you to
walk with me to 1st, 2nd, and 5th period, but you never
seem to show up. I can't concentrate on anything for more
than 5 minutes. You say your happy where you are. I don't
know if it's true, or if you tell me that to keep me happy
for you. I love you, and now i have no one. I can't talk to
anyone, nobody could give me a response like you. It's so
hard to lose the one you love. You know that just a well as
i do. i wait on your phone calls everyday, although i don't
always get them, i stopped eating again. Now im running as
much as possible. I love you, and i miss you. I wish you
were here. Or i was there...but it's not possible...and it
never will be.