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2001-08-29 23:24:11 (UTC)


i was worried all day today. whether it be my first major
chem 2 test tomorrow or my girl problems. first of all i
need to calm down. everything is going the way it should. i
have a girlfriend, and shes really not cheating on me or not
interested; but i havent confirmed this yet, i guess i just
trust her. second i have a really great friend that i can
count on that gives me hope; LIZ. third, i'll always like
liz, even if anything never works out. fourth, i know
chemistry anyways, im just freaking out (lol) otherwise i
wouldnt be in an honors chemistry 2 course now would i?
anyways, i have a TON of homework tonight, but im
procrastinating working on it. im just ready for this
weekend; fball game friday, parade saturday, no work, no
school, and SLEEP! anyways, im off to work on homework, More

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