Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2002-12-13 22:20:31 (UTC)

christmas cookies

I'm in this cookie mood...but theres one thing stopping
me...PANS!!..LMAO..i was making cookies..and forgot we have
no cookie pans..eh...i gotta buy some today when my dad
gets home...mom's too lazy to go anywhere with me..unless
she goes by herself...nehoot..i thinking of making ginger
bread cookies...i wanna make simple cookies..lol..my
brothers are fat pigs and will eat it all...so i wanna make
sure its easy.....cuuuzzz if its hard and it took along
time to make..and its gonna be all gone in an hour...then
thats just gonna be waste of time..lol..wells...im gonna go
wait at the window for my dad to come home..LMAO..jks